Patrick M. O’Connor


Why do I write?

I’ve always liked the idea of expressing myself in different ways.

As a young child, my mother always told me I was very creative. However, for much of my career life, I worked in a very regimented style. It’s possible that I received that drive from my father who was an Electrical Engineer.

After working in a corporate environment for a long time, I was forced to leave an industry I had worked extensively. It was a medical necessity. When the decision was made to leave, I discussed it with my wife and made the decision that I wanted to work in a new field where I could explore my creativity.

I chose media and communications.

Let’s have a conversation. I’d love to know your story too.

I work at Creekwood United Methodist Church in Allen, Texas. I am the Director of Communications there. My role includes graphics, video, photography, and social media. It’s easy enough to find my stuff either through this website or the church’s website.

The love of my life and my best friend is Rev. Sharon O’Connor, an Elder in the United Methodist Church. She currently serves at Custer Road United Methodist Church.

The Little Debt-Free Book” is a title I wrote and published in 2015 and tells my personal journey with finances. If you know anyone who needs assistance in this area, it’s a whole lot cheaper than other studies.

I hold a BA in Media and Communications from The University of Texas at Dallas.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Patrick O’Connor

Here are some things you may not know about Patrick.

  • Married To A Preacher

Patrick is married to his wife, Sharon. He is her biggest cheerleader. They were engaged in February 2010 and married the following May. They dated prior to the engagement for a year.

Their slogan is “No one ever said the Honeymoon has to end. We plan on living the rest of our lives that way.”

Just ask those who see them together and they will tell you how true that is.

  • There Are Brains Up There

In 2009, Patrick was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. At the time of his diagnosis, three of his daughters were still living at home. Although it was benign, it was growing and the best course of action was to have it removed while it was still small.

The after-effects of the surgery left him with a compromised equilibrium system which took him out of the work he had done for years. He left work on medical disability in January 2013.

  • Proud Veteran

Patrick served in the United States Navy from 1981-1988, mainly during the Reagan years. His role in the service was as an Electronics Technician and completed his enlistment as a Second Class Petty Officer (E-5). He was stationed on the U.S.S. Sacramento, COMPSRON Two, and Naval Submarine Support Facility, Groton, CT in the repair depot for all communications equipment.

  • Eight Is Enough

Believe it or not, he and his wife Sharon, together, have eight children and 12 grandchildren. A few are still in the area but most have moved anywhere from California to New York making it difficult to see everyone on a consistent basis. The family dynamic is interesting and has all the normal challenges of a blended family.

  • College Graduate

Patrick did not attend college right out of high school. At least not with any urgency. Instead, he went into the military and learned a valuable trade. In the early 2000s, he went back to college and obtained two associate degrees. One in Electro-Mechanical Technology. The other in Electronics Technology. After leaving work as a result of brain surgery, he went back to college and received a degree in Media and Communications from The University of Texas at Dallas.

There you have it. Five more things about Patrick that maybe you didn’t know before.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Patrick I sure enjoyed reading about your story and how you worked to get debt free. I believe being debt free is the best gift you can give yourself. John and I worked to get out of debt from the very beginning of our marriage and achieved that goal within a couple of years. Debt freedom is awesome. Good luck with your job hunt and please tell Pastor Sharon hello from John and Brenda Williams. Have a blessed day.

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