Who Me? Have you ever thought about giving yourself an allowance as a way to save money? Yes you. You know, like we give to our kids or how you got one as a child. Budgeting, like a lot of things, takes discipline. When I was paying off debt, and even today, I gave myself … Continue reading Allowance

Credit Card Balances

Not A Good Idea In my early 20’s, I never had a balance on a credit card. Fast forward 8-10 years, add a few kids and I didn’t remember what it was like to NOT have a balance on a credit card. As a matter of fact, I had several and they were usually maxed … Continue reading Credit Card Balances

Don’t Shop With Kids

Shopping Alone Ah, the bliss of shopping alone. When you shop alone you never hear “Can I have candy?” “Can I have Ice Cream?” “Can I have a toy?” And you never see this… Admit it! You would prefer to shop alone. Sometimes you don’t have a choice but if there is any way to … Continue reading Don’t Shop With Kids

Don’t Shop Hungry!

Torpedo Inbound! There is no quicker way to destroy a budget than to go shopping when you are hungry. At least for me. Sometimes I was not able to avoid it and when that happened, I usually would buy extra things to satisfy my stomach. The worst is when you go to the store hungry … Continue reading Don’t Shop Hungry!

Shop The List

Groceries A single parent needs to find all kinds of ways to trim costs. It’s hard to do when all the kids are outgrowing their clothes on a monthly basis. It’s not just single parents that need to be concerned about this. Let’s talk about groceries. Everyone can cut costs on their groceries and still … Continue reading Shop The List

Brown Bagging It!

Cost of Meals For many years, I worked for a Fortune 500 company. It was a good place to work and supported me and my family. There was a cafeteria there that for a long time was open 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Eventually, they cut the hours back a bit but … Continue reading Brown Bagging It!

Save Your Change

In the last post, I listed 10 things you could do to save money each week. Today I start to break down each idea and explain it with practical implications. Number One A Cash System. For a long time, I went to a cash-only system except with it came to the bills. In many ways, … Continue reading Save Your Change