Home Warranty?

            The Importance of a Home Warranty Imagine you have just closed on the purchase of a home. You move in and everything is great. The third day you are in the house, you go to run the dishwasher and - nothing. The lights come on but you never hear … Continue reading Home Warranty?

The Property Inspection Report

Property Inspection Anyone buying a house would be foolish not to include a property inspection as part of their due diligence. A property inspection is a mechanism in the contract that allows a potential buyer to have a third-party inspector to check the house for defects. For new construction, you have a choice. One before … Continue reading The Property Inspection Report

Under-Improving A Property

I recently spoke about over-improving a property but today, I’m going to talk about under-improving a property. In some ways, it’s tragic when someone under-improves a property. It typically means less money for what might be a great home. What does under-improving look like? Broken light switch covers Broken outlet covers Chipped paint Dirty hand … Continue reading Under-Improving A Property