If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

Home Repairs

You’ve Taken Care Of Your House

You’ve taken care of your house. You’ve fixed things when they have broken. You’ve changed the air filter and had the A/C unit serviced on a regular basis. By all accounts, you have been a good steward of what you own.

Now the time has come when you are ready to downsize or move closer to the family. Maybe you’ve taken a job in another town and need to relocate. Whatever the reason, you seek the help of a Realtor to put your house on the market at a price that makes sense for the neighborhood. Everything seems ready to go.

You have some open houses and people have given helpful feedback. They mention a few small things you hadn’t thought about. It could be something broken that you missed. You make a few changes or fix the things they mentioned. You are encouraged by all the activity.

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But It’s Not Broken!

The day comes when you get an offer on your house. However, the offer is contingent on you replacing the cooktop. You’re a bit confused because it’s worked fine for years. There’s nothing wrong with it. It just happens to be 15 years old.

In some ways, it makes you a bit mad. You also start to question things.

The market is very active so you have a conversation with your Realtor. Your Realtor tells you not to agree to replace the cooktop. In any real estate transaction, there’s no reason to replace things that are functioning the way they should.

The important thing is that things function the way they were designed.

Believe it or not, the person pulls out of the deal for a reason that seems questionable. Your Realtor tells you to let it go because it will only keep the house from being put back on the market. You agree and before long, another offer comes in and you get to closing. All is good in the world again.

Home Kitchen Upgrade

Changes May Help Your House Sell Quicker

There are times when replacing things may make sense. If all the houses in your neighborhood have updated, stainless steel appliances and your house has 15-year-old white appliances, it might make sense to upgrade in order to sell the house faster when the time comes.

Just keep in mind that making upgrades and changing things to your house won’t necessarily make the price go up. More than likely, changes are more to help it sell faster with no expectation of recouping the cost of the changes.

It seems lately that people want a home that looks like a new construction home even though it has been lived in. In some cases, it might make sense to replace something even if it is working. That’s a discussion you should have with your Realtor.

Just remember that if the items are working the way they are supposed to, there is no requirement to replace it.

Something to think about.

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Patrick O’Connor, Ebby Halliday, Realtors, Plano, TX

My first priority is to help you understand the real estate process.

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