Quick Practical Ways to Save Each Week

The quick list. I will expand on each one later. Put all your change in a jar. Don’t spend anything that is not a currency bill. Pack your lunch every day for a month. (minus weekends unless you are working those too) Shop with a list. If it’s not on the list, don’t buy it. … Continue reading Quick Practical Ways to Save Each Week

Struggling with the Tithe

Recent Conversations In the last week or so, I have had a few conversations related to the tithe and what it means. The tithe has changed for me at various points in my life and I only offer some of my personal opinions about it. My opinions may or may not coincide with your opinions. … Continue reading Struggling with the Tithe

Good and Bad Loans

Good Loans Is there really a good loan? I suppose that if you consider a house as an investment instead of something you use to live your daily life, then a house can be a good thing to take a loan out to acquire. I’ve heard some say that it is not an investment unless … Continue reading Good and Bad Loans

Personal Finance Classes

Agape Resource & Assistance Center I have had the privilege of teaching a personal finance class to the women at Agape Resource & Assistance Center, a place that serves with grace & respect, the urgent / unmet shelter & service needs of women, children & youth in crisis or poverty. The class helps to establish healthy … Continue reading Personal Finance Classes