A New Video Post

I've decided to start creating videos about real estate in North Texas. It's my first video and I can see some areas I need to improve on such as lighting, facial expression, and posture. The first video is titled Realtor Verbiage You Should Know. https://youtu.be/EH7ihKj4S8E There is some work to be done but I wanted … Continue reading A New Video Post


Discount Broker Vs. Full Service Broker

There are a lot of advertisements out there that ask the question - “Why would you pay a realtor 5-7% commission to sell your house?” It’s a valid question and something to think about. In a market where houses can sell the same day they go on the market with multiple offers, it can be … Continue reading Discount Broker Vs. Full Service Broker


I've decided to get a bit more organized with my blog pages. Although there will be duplicate information with some of the older posts, I've changed things for the future. I write - a lot. There are a few categories I write in most and I have split them up into different blogs so I … Continue reading Reconfiguration

The Suit Case

“Has the jury reached a verdict?” asked the Judge. “We have your honor.” replied the jurist. “Please state the verdict.” followed the judge. “We find the defendant, Maxwell Suit, on the sole count of fraud, guilty as charged.” A shocking gasp came across those in the gallery. Maxwell stood there, dumbfounded. How could anyone reasonably … Continue reading The Suit Case

Why Are You Selling Your Home?

Stress and Emotion There is a lot of emotion involved in selling a home. You’ve made memories, sometimes for decades. Leaving after all that time can be traumatic. When it’s time to sell your home, it’s important to understand your motivation. Are you moving to be closer to family? Is it because of a job … Continue reading Why Are You Selling Your Home?

It’s Coming!

Starting in August, I will be publishing short videos, about 3 minutes each, related to real estate in North Texas. Don’t worry. I’ll post links to the videos here so it’s easy for you to find them. Here’s a list of the first five videos that will be created. I’ll keep you in suspense about … Continue reading It’s Coming!