Why Get A Home Inspection?

Home inspections protect both the buyer and the seller in a real estate transaction. If you don’t think so, skip it and watch the sparks fly when something goes wrong. New Build Inspection Why would you need to have an inspection on a new construction home? After all, the quality craftsmanship should be enough to … Continue reading Why Get A Home Inspection?


Why I Started Journaling

Everyone goes through stuff in their lives. It’s not uncommon for people to get married, get divorced, have children, not have children, get jobs, and lose jobs. What is less common are the stories that go along with those things we all go through. Write It Down! It’s amazing how alone you can feel when … Continue reading Why I Started Journaling

The Option Period

In my last post, I promised to write about the option period in a contract. Well, here it is. What is the Option Period? The option period is written in the Texas One-to-Four Contract for residential real estate transactions. It is a negotiable period, typically about a week long that allows the buyer to back … Continue reading The Option Period

Two Different Approvals. Buyer and Property

Two Different Approvals Did you know that there are actually two different approval processes in place when purchasing a home? The first is the buyer approval. The second is the property approval. Let’s talk about it and see why it matters. Buyer Approval In order to get to closing, a buyer must be approved, especially … Continue reading Two Different Approvals. Buyer and Property

Buyer’s Lease Back Vs. Seller’s Lease Back

Home Sale Process Many things can happen while in the process of buying or selling a house. This can be especially true if you need to sell a house in order to purchase a home. This is what is referred to as a contingency. The purchase of your new home is contingent on the sale … Continue reading Buyer’s Lease Back Vs. Seller’s Lease Back

Renter’s Insurance. What’s if for?

Congratulations! You have just completed your journey as a renter and have a lease in hand for a property right where you want to be. Everything is great but people have been asking if you have renter’s insurance. You’re thinking - why do I need to get insurance? I don’t own the property. If something … Continue reading Renter’s Insurance. What’s if for?

My One-Page Business Plan

Any good business will have a plan describing what they want to happen. I’ve written several business plans based on templates and other things I had read about them in the past. It’s all great information with forecasting, executive summaries and the like. One of the problems I found with those methods was that it … Continue reading My One-Page Business Plan