In College Over 50



I recently read a blog post from a classmate of mine talking about being 35 and in college and how “different” it was. It was a good read and I felt that I could identify with her except that I am a lot older than she is and it even feels more awkward to me.


Have you stepped on a college campus lately? My kids are older than the people I am in class with. My youngest daughter is six months behind me in her education. I even had someone in my class tell me “You’re doing pretty good for an old guy.” WHAT?!? Come on!

Why Am I In College?

A long time ago, I did not go to college. Instead, I went into the military. I learned a good trade and went to work when my enlistment was done. I worked in electronics for over 30 years. One day, I got a call from my doctor who told me I had a brain tumor. You can read about that here. And here.

I needed to find a different kind of work that would not put my health in danger by possible electrocution. So, after 30 years making a living, I needed to change directions completely.

What Did I Decide?

I started with Graphic Design and have migrated to Emerging Media and Communications. I love photography, drawing, and would like to take a shot at painting. I love public speaking and actually have an opportunity coming up to give a speech about personal finance.

Emerging Media and Communications is a degree that covers various software programs such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, coding HTML and WordPress, social media platforms and lots of theory about communicating and persuasion. I finish in December 2015.

That is my direction.

Not too bad for an old guy.