Another Savings Idea

Waitressing My daughter and her friend came up with a great idea for saving some money.  A little background first. They are both waitresses where they receive tips for their service. If you are unaware, waitresses typically make about $2.15 per hour for their wages. The expectation is that they will receive tips for their … Continue reading Another Savings Idea

Stop Wasting Your Time

Is TV Setting You Back? As you know if you have read other parts of this blog, I have been on medical disability for just over a year and have been going back to school to learn new stuff. One of the courses I am taking has us evaluating various media with a critical eye. … Continue reading Stop Wasting Your Time

The 10-10-80 Method

What is That? The 10-10-80 method is an idea I have for living within your means. Maybe someone else has thought of it also but I have not seen it referred to this way. It seems like the harder I try to get ahead, the more things happen that set me back. IT’S NOT FAIR! … Continue reading The 10-10-80 Method

Living Small

Huh? Living Small? Usually, people talk about living large. Unfortunately for most people, forcing ourselves to live large puts us in financial situations we regret later. Being married to a United Methodist pastor and being on disability myself, keeps us from living beyond our means. When we were first married, we had some issues juggling … Continue reading Living Small