Emergency!!! What Do I Do Now?

I wanted to talk about emergencies today because of something I recently went through and some things one of my daughters went through too. Have you ever noticed that when things seem to be going pretty good, something always happens that attacks your finances? It seems that the more we put forth an effort to … Continue reading Emergency!!! What Do I Do Now?

Unfriend Mr. & Mrs. Jones

In this world we live in today, with Facebook, Twitter and a host of other social media outlets, one of two things usually happens. Either someone wants to set the record for the number of friends they have or once they get to a point where they have a ton of friends, they start being … Continue reading Unfriend Mr. & Mrs. Jones

Savings Tip #2 – Savings Through Checking

In my previous post, β€œCan You Spare Some Change,” I talked about saving your change when you use cash. At one point in my life, I decided to only use my checking account to purchase anything or to pay bills. I went cashless. A few things happened because I decided to do this. The first … Continue reading Savings Tip #2 – Savings Through Checking

Savings Tip #1 – Can You Spare Some Change?

There has been talk for some time about eliminating the penny from circulation. Canada made this move On February 4, 2013 according to http://www.foxnews.com, http://www.bloomberg.com. http://www.mint.ca, and others. They decided to do it to save costs. It seems that it cost more than a penny to actually make a penny. The United States has decided, … Continue reading Savings Tip #1 – Can You Spare Some Change?