Back To Cash

The Issue Have you noticed lately that more and more companies are getting hacked and your personal information is being captured by those who would like to do us harm? By harm, I am referring to destroying your credit, stealing your money and wreaking havoc on your credit report. Unless you flat out do not … Continue reading Back To Cash

Savings Challenge Update

Success! I’m so happy! My wife has decided to join me in the challenge of saving each week as I described in the post Challenge Yourself. Last week, she gave me three dollars. Today, I received another three dollars. I’m excited because it is another thing we get to do together. We actually have not … Continue reading Savings Challenge Update

Set Yourself Up Forever!

Retirement Savings When is the right time to start saving for retirement? Most people do not start saving for retirement until they are in their 50’s. According to, the average savings amounts might surprise you. The right time to start saving for retirement is right now no matter what age you are. I wish … Continue reading Set Yourself Up Forever!

Challenge Yourself

It is the first full week of 2014. When would be a better time to start a new savings plan? I found a great savings challenge. It has shown up on many sites such as and and has been around for years. I would give credit for the idea to a specific person … Continue reading Challenge Yourself