Retirement Is A Financial State

I love this statement. There is so much truth in it. Retirement is a financial state. So, what does it mean? Pension Plans Are Going Away The days of staying with one company your whole life, getting a gold watch and a pension for the time you spent there and maybe some medical benefits for … Continue reading Retirement Is A Financial State

Why Use Excel For Your Finances?

Software Last week I spoke about Getting Ahead. In that post, I mentioned self-help personal finance books. They have a lot of good ideas in them but if you are not in a position to implement any of them, then what is the use? So many of these books talk about ideas and how to … Continue reading Why Use Excel For Your Finances?

Eat What You Buy; Buy What You Eat

Food, Food, Everywhere and Not a Bite to Eat Years ago, I had a habit of going through the cupboards and throwing out the food that had the potential for killing my family because it had been expired for so long. Same thing happened with the refrigerator. There were so many things that no one … Continue reading Eat What You Buy; Buy What You Eat

Getting Ahead

Buying Assets Sometimes I go down rabbit holes looking at information. Most recently, I went down the hole about how to make my money work for me. No, I’m not looking to a “get rich quick” scheme. I just look at my 401k and other savings and wonder if there will be enough for me … Continue reading Getting Ahead