I read various blogs and came across a writing challenge. The challenge is to write a 99 word complete story based on a prompt. The site is called Carrot Ranch. Here is my entry based on the prompt for Feb. 22: Unicorn. Entries are due by Feb. 27. The large animal lumbered along slowly. It’s strides … Continue reading Unicorn


My First Speech – Again

I returned to Toastmasters International after more than a four-year break. I went to my first meeting at my new group about a two months ago and joined a little over three weeks ago. A week and a half ago, I gave my first speech upon returning. The Ice Breaker Speech This is the first … Continue reading My First Speech – Again

Why Are You Letting Your House Sit On The Market?

It seems, at least for now, that the days when you would slap a sign in your yard and sell your house in 24 hours are ending. Things have changed in the market in North Texas. People are tired of overspending on a home when there are others nearby that will work just as well. … Continue reading Why Are You Letting Your House Sit On The Market?

My Return To Toastmasters

  It’s been a few years since I was in Toastmasters International. It is an organization that helps people come to terms with public speaking. They offer education and practice in front of a group, offering constructive feedback on your progress through a series of speeches. Why Did I Go In The First Place? When … Continue reading My Return To Toastmasters

Those Sneaky B@$t@rds

Phishing Scam My wife and I had a scare several days ago. She had received an email that looked like it had come from our bank asking us to click on a link to authorize a deposit into our account. It was a bit suspect from the beginning because my wife doesn’t use the account from … Continue reading Those Sneaky B@$t@rds

That Feeling Of Despair

Now What? The New Year has begun. Remember over the holidays when everyone over-ate, over-spent, and generally over did it all? You woke up a day or two later and thought “What have I done?” The House The same thing can happen with a home purchase. It’s called buyer’s remorse. It’s not quite as easy … Continue reading That Feeling Of Despair