The Suit Case

“Has the jury reached a verdict?” asked the Judge. “We have your honor.” replied the jurist. “Please state the verdict.” followed the judge. “We find the defendant, Maxwell Suit, on the sole count of fraud, guilty as charged.” A shocking gasp came across those in the gallery. Maxwell stood there, dumbfounded. How could anyone reasonably … Continue reading The Suit Case


Why Are You Selling Your Home?

Stress and Emotion There is a lot of emotion involved in selling a home. You’ve made memories, sometimes for decades. Leaving after all that time can be traumatic. When it’s time to sell your home, it’s important to understand your motivation. Are you moving to be closer to family? Is it because of a job … Continue reading Why Are You Selling Your Home?

It’s Coming!

Starting in August, I will be publishing short videos, about 3 minutes each, related to real estate in North Texas. Don’t worry. I’ll post links to the videos here so it’s easy for you to find them. Here’s a list of the first five videos that will be created. I’ll keep you in suspense about … Continue reading It’s Coming!

We Survived

99 Word Challenge from Carrot Ranch. The wind howled. Rain came down almost sideways. Shutters rattled. Lightning came closer by the minute. Day became night. We left to find shelter in our storm cellar. Tornado sirens had been going off for several minutes. Suddenly, the sirens stopped; but we could hear the wind whipping all … Continue reading We Survived

Panic Button

Working with technology can be stressful, especially when you are the one tasked with fixing it when it isn’t working correctly. Some people handle the stress easily while others become anxious. After all, everyone from co-workers to management wants to know when it’s going to be fixed. Having people stand over your shoulder just aggravates … Continue reading Panic Button

Realtor Verbiage To Know

Whether it’s a designation related to an aspect of education or a term related to financing, acronyms are many times related to specific industries. When I worked in automation systems, we used acronyms such as PLC, PAC, TON, RTD, OTE, and the list goes on. No one outside those circles understood anything about it. Even … Continue reading Realtor Verbiage To Know