Changes In How To Look For A House

Technology Changes Everything

Technology Changes Everything!

Technology changes almost on a daily basis. Can you imagine operating a computer using the Microsoft Disk Operating System (DOS), or Windows 3.1 today? It really wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense, would it?

Shopping for a house has changed too. There’s so much technology related to real estate that it no longer makes sense to look in the Sunday newspaper for a house that’s for sale.

In the past, people would look at the ads in the newspaper and find a house they might be interested in based on one picture of the outside of the house with a brief description. Another way was to drive around until you found some Realtor signs and call the number to see if you could get into the house to take a look. Without having all the paperwork signed and in place, you would not have access to the house.

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Today it is different and there are different challenges.

When looking for a house, you can go online and get a couple of dozen photos of a house. Many times, you can even get a virtual tour before ever going inside. You can go to sites and find out which houses in the area are having an open house. Sometimes, you can even call a number and get access to a house so you can take your own tour. However, even though these things are available, you will probably still need help from a Realtor.


Well, one reason is that there are relatively few houses that are available for an open house any given weekend. If you want access to a house that doesn’t have a call-in number or an open house, you’ll need someone to help you. It’s unlikely you’ll get a Realtor to let you in more than one house before requiring signatures on paperwork.

You can shop for a house on your own but you won’t have help with negotiations, repairs, or filling out the paperwork. You might over-pay for a house without help since you don’t have access to all the information about a house you may want to buy.

Yes – technology has given the consumer a lot of advantages when looking for a house. As much information that is out there, you’ll probably still want to get some professional help along the way.

Something to think about.

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