Busy Season Sales

Of course, it depends on the market a little, but selling your home in the busy season can sometimes have negative consequences.

Selling In Busy Season

The Negatives

The busy season for home sales is during the spring and summer months. Maybe one reason is that it works well for school schedules. Whether the market is hot or cold, these months have a lot of houses for sale. Here are a few reasons why selling during this time can be a disadvantage.

  1. There’s lots to choose from. If there are a lot of houses for sale, there are a lot of houses for people to look at. Sometimes, in a seller’s market, offers are made on houses within hours of going on the market. At other times, there can be bidding wars for houses. However, there can also be times when similar houses in the same area may have different prices. The question then is, will they choose your house or another that’s almost the same as yours but a bit cheaper?

  2. All those repairs you did may not be enough. With other houses available, even if you repair everything you can think of, it may not be enough to get an offer. Repairs are important to make before the offers come in so that your house is in the best light for visitors.

  3. Negotiations can be tricky. From a seller’s perspective, if your house sits on the market during the busy season, you may not have many options when it comes to negotiations. A house sitting on the market sends the message that something is wrong. Maybe there’s nothing wrong and the right person just has not come across your home yet. But the perception of a house sitting on the market in a busy time is that there is something wrong.

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What About The Positives?

We can’t talk about all those negatives without mentioning the positives. There are several positives. Here are just a few:

  1. Lots of people looking. During the busy season, there are a ton of people looking for houses. That means there’s a better chance the right person will come along and view your house.

  2. Your upgrades work. Although you need to be careful with the upgrades you do to your house, if done correctly, the upgrades can make the sale. Focus on the kitchen and bathrooms. Those are the biggest sellers of a home.

  3. Yours could be the best. Even though there are a lot of homes on the market, if your house looks better than the others, yours will sell first. If the other houses aren’t priced right, have things that need to be fixed, or haven’t been cared for property, you are in a prime position.

Something to think about.

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Patrick O’Connor, Ebby Halliday, Realtors, Plano, TX

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