It’s Available!

The Book Is Here I just checked on Amazon a little while ago and the book is officially available. Here is a link to the book site. Let me know what you think.

So Excited

Accomplishment Today, I finally published my book through Kindle Publishing. It should appear on within 24 hours. The title of the book is “The Little Debt-Free Book” and I began writing it in 2008. I have been so nervous about publishing it because I felt that it was never good enough. Through the encouragement … Continue reading So Excited

Cheap! Cheap!

Why Are You So Cheap? My wife told me the other day that I was cheap - complete with sound effects. It’s not the first time someone has told me that. I suppose that in some ways I am. I don’t like paying more for things than I need to. The other day, we were … Continue reading Cheap! Cheap!

Why “New Normal” Doesn’t Work For Me

New Normal How many times have you heard it said to someone who has lost a limb, gotten divorced, had a spouse or child die, that they will be alright – they just have to understand they have to embrace a new normal for their lives? At other times, it might be a disease such … Continue reading Why “New Normal” Doesn’t Work For Me

What Do I Need To Do To Retire?

Financial State I’ve written about this before in a previous blog post. I cannot emphasize this enough. The only way you can really consider retiring is if you are bringing in enough income to replace the income you are receiving while you are working. That is unless you don’t mind living on a whole lot … Continue reading What Do I Need To Do To Retire?

Writing Aspirations

A Book For a long time, I have wanted to write. I’ve written a ton of articles, short stories, and this blog. Much of the things I have written have never been published in any form. It is probably a self-esteem issue for me. Well, when I became debt-free the first time, I started writing … Continue reading Writing Aspirations