Five Cheap Home Upgrades You Can Do Yourself

Don’t Break The Bank No one likes to spend money on things that are unnecessary, especially if it doesn’t pay for itself in a short period of time. Many people don’t have a budget that can handle large expenses, especially when they’re selling their home. So - here are five things you can do to … Continue reading Five Cheap Home Upgrades You Can Do Yourself

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

You’ve Taken Care Of Your House You’ve taken care of your house. You’ve fixed things when they have broken. You’ve changed the air filter and had the A/C unit serviced on a regular basis. By all accounts, you have been a good steward of what you own. Now the time has come when you are … Continue reading If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

Changes In How To Look For A House

Technology Changes Everything! Technology changes almost on a daily basis. Can you imagine operating a computer using the Microsoft Disk Operating System (DOS), or Windows 3.1 today? It really wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense, would it? Shopping for a house has changed too. There’s so much technology related to real estate that it … Continue reading Changes In How To Look For A House

Busy Season Sales

Of course, it depends on the market a little, but selling your home in the busy season can sometimes have negative consequences. The Negatives The busy season for home sales is during the spring and summer months. Maybe one reason is that it works well for school schedules. Whether the market is hot or cold, … Continue reading Busy Season Sales

Slow Season Sales

There are a lot of homes for sale in the summer months. Real Estate sales start to pick up in mid to late February. A reason for that is people tend to want to move around school schedules, especially if they have kids. So why would you want to consider selling your home in the … Continue reading Slow Season Sales

Townhouse vs. Condo

Some friends of mine recently decided to purchase a townhouse in the middle of a rapidly growing city. They looked at condos and townhouses because they wanted something that would put them in the middle of what was “happening in the area.” Whatever your reasons might be for thinking about purchasing a condo or townhouse, … Continue reading Townhouse vs. Condo

Rent Or Buy? Which Should You Do?

Rent or Buy? When I first moved to the area I live in now, my wife and I rented for the first year. It was a time when the market was very hot. Houses were only on the market for one day and would have multiple offers. So many times, we could not even get … Continue reading Rent Or Buy? Which Should You Do?

Types Of Financing

Which Type Of Financing Should You Get? When it comes to buying a home, most people need some kind of financing. It’s actually quite rare that someone purchases a home with cash on hand. It does happen though, especially with people moving to the area from high cost of living states. That’s great, but for … Continue reading Types Of Financing

The Best Way To Buy A House

The best way to buy a house may not be what you think. Find out the best way to narrow your search. Realtors, Open Houses, Online - there are so many ways to find a house to buy - but what is the best way? Truthfully, the best way to buy a house is to … Continue reading The Best Way To Buy A House

House Sitting On The Market?

You’ve decided to sell your house. Congratulations! Maybe it’s because you want to move closer to the family. It could be for a new job. It might even be because you can’t afford what you have any more. Whatever the reason, the decision has been made to sell it and that’s a great first step. You’ve looked around … Continue reading House Sitting On The Market?