The Neutral Market

        What Is A Neutral Market? By definition, a neutral market is one where there are between four to seven months inventory of homes available for sale. This is actually the best market to be in. Why? Because there is a healthy competition for homes in the market. Also, the prices for … Continue reading The Neutral Market


Why Are You Letting Your House Sit On The Market?

It seems, at least for now, that the days when you would slap a sign in your yard and sell your house in 24 hours are ending. Things have changed in the market in North Texas. People are tired of overspending on a home when there are others nearby that will work just as well. … Continue reading Why Are You Letting Your House Sit On The Market?

How’s The Real Estate Market?

The First Question “How’s the real estate market?” is one of the most common first questions people ask a Realtor®. There are generally two ways to answer that question. The first way is to say that the market is AMAZING! It’s a truthful statement from the Realtor’s perspective. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if the market … Continue reading How’s The Real Estate Market?