Forgiveness Bible Study Survey

Forgiveness Bible Study

Forgiveness Survey

I am working on creating a new Bible Study around the subject of forgiveness, reconciliation, and resolution. I could use your help as I begin to process this information.

This is a tough subject for me. In the past, I have received all kinds of feedback related to forgiveness. Some of it good. Some of it not so much. My hope is that the study can help to bring healing to others.

I’ve included a survey for anyone who would like to participate. It is set up so that you can offer an open-ended response and share your stories if you would like. It should take about three minutes to complete.

Take the survey.

If you run out of room or have additional comments, you can either email them to me or take the survey a second time and offer more insight.

The goal of the survey is to collect as much information as possible and to use some examples of forgiveness or the lack of forgiveness in the study.

If other questions arise as a result of this survey, I may ask for additional feedback through another survey.

The final question in the survey asks for additional comments. Feel free to add any information you feel would be helpful.

Please share this survey with others so I can get a broad view of what people think.



Accident Fallout


I have some updates related to my accident.

Wouldn’t you know it that the other person did not have insurance! Yeah, my “uninsured motorist” insurance has to cover the cost of all of it. In addition to that, the other person tried to “escape” from the hospital. The police prevented that from happening. We do not have official word on it but it sounds like there were other things going on with the person as well. She certainly did not want to be held or in trouble.


Ok, so here we are in a state that requires everyone to have auto insurance yet I get in an accident that is not my fault and the other person does not have any. How does that work?

Let’s face it, not everyone needs car insurance. For instance, if you live in NYC and take the train to work, there may be no need for you to have a car – ever. In that case, you would not need car insurance – right? If you are a student on campus at a college, you may not need it either. I have a cousin who did not get a car until their third year in college. Until then – no car insurance.

The bottom line is that I’m getting stuck with bills that are not my fault because someone else decided to drive without insurance. How would you feel about that?


I went to the doctor today. I have to go for more x-rays. Seems like there is still the possibility that I have broken ribs. The pain is not going away. There is also the possibility that I have blood clots in my leg since the swelling will not go down. More fun.

How Do You Forgive?

I’m supposed to forgive the other driver – right? After all, I am married to a pastor. What would it say if I did not forgive the other person? Sure, I am mad. We were doing nothing wrong. We were simply driving home from our granddaughter’s birthday party. No alcohol involved on our part, no drugs, just good memories of a great day, looking forward to getting home and relaxing before bed.

I can forgive the other person but that does not mean I have to forget that it happened. After all, I have pain that I am dealing with every day since the accident. I forgive the other person for being selfish, not following the law, causing pain and suffering, and everything else that goes with the accident. Having said that, I will also hold the other person accountable for their actions. Here is a great point.

Pope John Paul II Shot

Credit: The Times, UK

On May 13, 1981, Pope John Paul II, was shot in an attempted assassination by a Turkish citizen, Mehmet Ali Agca. On December 27, 1983, the Pope forgave the shooter for trying to kill him. The Pope visited the person in jail and forgave him of his sins. However, when it was done, the Pope left the prison and the person did many more years in jail before being released January 18, 2010. The Pope did not try to eliminate the sentence or get him out early. The person was held accountable for his actions. I will simply do the same.

Pope John Paul II forgives shooter

Credit: Fox News

A New Vehicle

Insurance has offered me “fair market value” for my car. I need to ask them where I can buy a car like the one I had for that amount. I don’t see it. There is about a $4,000.00 difference. That includes the fact that in the last month, I have had the air conditioner fixed and four new tires put on the car. If you are familiar with a Honda Pilot, that is no cheap feat.

For now, we were fortunate to know someone at our church who was selling a car. Although we had to take out a loan to pay for it, the money we will eventually get from insurance will cover most of it. The rest we will be able to pay off quickly.

Personal Finance Impact

Here is where we are at the minute. This will change over time so this is really just a snap-shot. We have been short one car for nine days so far. We have been to the emergency room via ambulance at a cost of $675 per person just to get there. Medical bills are starting to show up. I am currently on medical disability as it is so my check is not affected however, if I was working, I would currently be out of work for over a week so far. I would have to cover that loss through vacation which is paid or FMLA which is not paid.

For the most part, they are inconveniences for now but we will have to see how high the bill pile gets.

I am going to come back to the same theme I have been talking about regarding financial security. If we had been racked with a ton of bills, we would not be able to get a loan in two days towards another car. We would be stressed out to the max about how to pay for the things that are coming up. We are fortunate to walk away from the accident the way we have.

As I said in the last post, Things Happen. It’s A Money Thing, this is turning into a bump in the road so far. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Accidents can be devastating. We hear in the news all the time how families go bankrupt because of medical things. What can you do today to make sure you have a more secure future?