Is Paying Off Debt, Saving?

I’ve thought about this on and off for a while and it comes down to the definition of saving. Am I saving money if I purchase something on sale or is it only saving if I am putting money in the bank? What if the bank is only paying 0.05% interest on my savings but … Continue reading Is Paying Off Debt, Saving?


5 Types of Financial Roller Coasters

There are many reasons people get in trouble with their finances. If any of these describe you, reach out for help. There are solutions to each of these types that anyone can implement in their lives. Take a look. Feast or Famine Have you ever met those people who are on an extreme rollercoaster ride … Continue reading 5 Types of Financial Roller Coasters

Personal Finance Can Be Scary

Learning about Personal Finance I learned a lot of what I know about personal finance in the 1980’s while serving in the United States Navy. While stationed overseas, I had the opportunity to take a college course. The course I chose was Personal Finance. Most people don’t learn anything about personal finance growing up. Either … Continue reading Personal Finance Can Be Scary

The Paperback Is Here

Long Time Coming Well, I finally got my book, The Little Debt-Free Book, published as a paperback version. This version was submitted on January 31, 2015 for review. It took another day for the review process to be completed before I was able to order the proof copy. Next Step The proof copy arrived at … Continue reading The Paperback Is Here

Been There

Are you feeling it? The pressure to spend more than you have? To use that credit card or open a new account just to get that 15% discount at the store? You know where it leads. It leads eventually to a place where you are struggling to pay the bills, living paycheck to paycheck and … Continue reading Been There