The Suit Case

“Has the jury reached a verdict?” asked the Judge. “We have your honor.” replied the jurist. “Please state the verdict.” followed the judge. “We find the defendant, Maxwell Suit, on the sole count of fraud, guilty as charged.” A shocking gasp came across those in the gallery. Maxwell stood there, dumbfounded. How could anyone reasonably … Continue reading The Suit Case


We Survived

99 Word Challenge from Carrot Ranch. The wind howled. Rain came down almost sideways. Shutters rattled. Lightning came closer by the minute. Day became night. We left to find shelter in our storm cellar. Tornado sirens had been going off for several minutes. Suddenly, the sirens stopped; but we could hear the wind whipping all … Continue reading We Survived

The Paperback Is Here

Long Time Coming Well, I finally got my book, The Little Debt-Free Book, published as a paperback version. This version was submitted on January 31, 2015 for review. It took another day for the review process to be completed before I was able to order the proof copy. Next Step The proof copy arrived at … Continue reading The Paperback Is Here

The Little Debt-Free Book Proof

Progress Today, I ordered the proof copy of the paperback version of The Little Debt-Free Book. I should receive it in a week or so. Once I receive it, I can finish reviewing it and approve the distribution of the paperback version. That should finalize my work on this book. Next Step My next step … Continue reading The Little Debt-Free Book Proof