Types Of Financing

Which Type Of Financing Should You Get? When it comes to buying a home, most people need some kind of financing. It’s actually quite rare that someone purchases a home with cash on hand. It does happen though, especially with people moving to the area from high cost of living states. That’s great, but for … Continue reading Types Of Financing

The Best Way To Buy A House

The best way to buy a house may not be what you think. Find out the best way to narrow your search. Realtors, Open Houses, Online - there are so many ways to find a house to buy - but what is the best way? Truthfully, the best way to buy a house is to … Continue reading The Best Way To Buy A House

House Sitting On The Market?

You’ve decided to sell your house. Congratulations! Maybe it’s because you want to move closer to the family. It could be for a new job. It might even be because you can’t afford what you have any more. Whatever the reason, the decision has been made to sell it and that’s a great first step. You’ve looked around … Continue reading House Sitting On The Market?

Why Are You Selling Your Home?

  Selling A Home Is Emotional There’s a lot of emotion involved in selling a home. You’ve made memories, sometimes for decades. Leaving, after all, that time can even be traumatic. When it’s time to sell your home, it’s important to understand your motivation. Are you moving to be closer to family? Is it because … Continue reading Why Are You Selling Your Home?

Home Warranty?

            The Importance of a Home Warranty Imagine you have just closed on the purchase of a home. You move in and everything is great. The third day you are in the house, you go to run the dishwasher and - nothing. The lights come on but you never hear … Continue reading Home Warranty?

The Property Inspection Report

Property Inspection Anyone buying a house would be foolish not to include a property inspection as part of their due diligence. A property inspection is a mechanism in the contract that allows a potential buyer to have a third-party inspector to check the house for defects. For new construction, you have a choice. One before … Continue reading The Property Inspection Report

Under-Improving A Property

I recently spoke about over-improving a property but today, I’m going to talk about under-improving a property. In some ways, it’s tragic when someone under-improves a property. It typically means less money for what might be a great home. What does under-improving look like? Broken light switch covers Broken outlet covers Chipped paint Dirty hand … Continue reading Under-Improving A Property