Save With Purpose

Saving With Purpose Several years ago, my wife and I were in New York City. It had only been about nine months since I had brain surgery and I was still very unstable. Sometimes I wonder why we took that trip because it took all I had to stay upright and she was holding onto … Continue reading Save With Purpose


Is Paying Off Debt, Saving?

I’ve thought about this on and off for a while and it comes down to the definition of saving. Am I saving money if I purchase something on sale or is it only saving if I am putting money in the bank? What if the bank is only paying 0.05% interest on my savings but … Continue reading Is Paying Off Debt, Saving?

Is Your Job Putting You In Danger?

Danger! Danger! Is having a job is dangerous to your personal finances? On the news recently, there was an announcement that a company was laying off 250 people soon. Those people have the option of moving to another area for a job if they want it, otherwise, they can start looking for another job now. … Continue reading Is Your Job Putting You In Danger?

Making Goals Can Be Challenging

Goals are essential to growth. Whether it is a business goal or a personal goal, without them, we all wander around aimlessly. When I worked in a corporate setting, We had daily, monthly and annual goals for production. Those decisions were made by others who were higher up in the organization. There were budgets, earmarks, … Continue reading Making Goals Can Be Challenging

Implement Micro-Habits

Congratulations! You’ve set goals for 2018. Maybe you called them Resolutions. Either way, they include things you would like to accomplish in 2018. How can you make sure you achieve the goals you want? Micro-Habits! Micro-habits are small steps you can take towards your goals. Goals are challenging and should stretch your abilities. Sometimes they … Continue reading Implement Micro-Habits