Frustrations When Selling Your Home – Part 3

Who’s ready for more?

Don’t start reading here. If you missed the previous posts, they are titled Frustrations When Selling Your Home – Part 1 and Frustrations When Selling Your Home – Part 2. Read them and then come back for even more frustration.

But I like it!

When I was living in my first house, I was raising kids and wanted them to “own” their rooms. One of my daughters decided she wanted to paint her room “Tiggeriffic Orange.” It has got to be the brightest orange available. When the light was on in her room at night, from the outside, it looked like the room was engulfed in flames. Other kids’ rooms in the house were painted with blue. However, they also wanted feathered paint of a different color throughout. Finally, the playroom had murals that covered the entire room complete with flowers, clouds on the ceiling and a bright yellow sun in one of the corners.

Home Paint Colors

It would take someone really special to buy the house that way. Before selling it, I painted the whole house in earthy, soothing tones. It’s what most people expect. Besides, it gives the house a neutral look so that people coming in can start to envision their idea of what the house would look like with their added touches.

Why does my REALTOR® want me to change the price?

It’s really frustrating when you have an idea of what your house is worth and someone else comes along and tells you the price is not realistic if you want to sell your house. REALTORS® have experience figuring out the best price for your property so that it doesn’t sit on the market for months and months. Sites like Trulia and Zillow don’t help a whole lot because their pricing can be radically different than what the market says it is worth.

Home Paint Colors

There are a lot of factors that go into the price of your home and one of the biggest one’s is what other houses, comparable to yours, have sold for in the last three months.

Sure, you can find a REALTOR® who might promise that they can sell your house for more than someone else. I would challenge you to look at other houses they have sold and see how long they were on the market. Also ask them about the houses that didn’t sell and why.

Some final thoughts

What Is Your Home Worth Button

Sometimes, there are things associated with your home that you cannot do anything about. This can be really frustrating like when they installed high power lines right behind your house two years after you bought it. Maybe it is because that empty field behind your house is suddenly a shopping mall or a natural gas fracking system. Although there is nothing you can do about that, if you take some steps to make reasonable upgrades and show the house in its best light, the right buyer will come.


Thanks for joining me on this frustrating journey. In my opinion, if you stick with these ideas and the time your house is on the market could be shortened. If you have any questions, contact me or visit my business page.


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