Frustrations When Selling Your Home – Part 1

Selling your home introduces you to a new level of stress to anyone’s life. In this three-part series, I will be talking about some of the more frustrating aspects. These frustrations can be managed by embracing some simple ideas. Part 2 and Part 3 will be posted soon and links will be made available.

How Aggravating! It’s a Seller’s Market!

It can be pretty frustrating trying to sell your house and no one seems to want to make an offer. This can be especially troubling when it is a seller’s market like it is right now. Wouldn’t it be nice to know some of those reasons so that you can address them before ever putting your house on the market? Even if you already have your house on the market, you can take certain steps to fix some things so that there will be minimal delays.

There are several reasons why houses don’t sell quickly. Although this list is not complete by any means, it covers some areas where you can increase the likelihood that someone will come with a reasonable offer for your home.

How can you use your cell phone to help sell your house?

Home Cell Phone

There’s an old photographer’s trick. Well, really – it can’t be that old since cell phones haven’t been around that long but go with it for a minute. A cell phone has limited viewing.

As an example, if you were to take a photograph of your kitchen using your cell phone, what would you notice in the picture? Maybe you would see all those items on your counter that you see all the time and look past. Do you notice the features of the cabinetry, appliances, and space or do you see all the ornaments you have placed around? No one buying your home cares about your canisters, the magnets and pictures on the refrigerator, or your dinner from last night in the sink.

Using your cell phone doesn’t replace having someone come out and take professional photography but can give you an idea of what others will see when looking at the photos online.

That brings me to the next item on the list.

Who’s making sure all the information about your house is being broadcast to as many people as possible?

Home Marketing

How many people think that the REALTOR® is ultimately responsible for making sure as many people as possible know about the sale of your home? Would it surprise you if I told you that you were wrong?

After all, who wants to sell your home? You do of course.

However, there’s a lot that goes into selling a house and many times you need a REALTOR® to help make that happen.

But why do I say it’s the homeowner’s responsibility? They are hiring a REALTOR® to sell their home!

What Is Your Home Worth Button

All of that is true. However, the homeowner is responsible for making sure they hire the correct REALTOR® to do the job.

Before I was a REALTOR®, I had bought and sold a couple of houses. I hired a REALTOR® who showed houses to me and I selected one to purchase. I lived in that house about 20 years before selling it again. It was a strange time to be selling a house. The market had crashed terribly and my wife and I had already relocated. We were relying heavily on our REALTOR® to get our house sold. Looking back at it, I’m not sure he ever advertised the house for sale. It took forever to sell that house. When I became a REALTOR®, I promised myself that I would make sure that I did everything I could to help my clients.

It’s up to the homeowner to make sure that their REALTOR® is doing the best job they can for the owner. If you figure out they are not doing what they can, you can fire them. A REALTOR® has an obligation to spread the word about your home to as many people as possible so that you can sell it for a fair price. If no one sees the house, how is it going to get sold? It means that there needs to be some good marketing, open houses, and online distribution of the information about the house. Great photography needs to happen. Staging needs to happen. Repairs and negotiation need to happen.

The next question is how do you find a REALTOR® that will do that for you? I’m right here!

In the next post, find out other ways you may be sabotaging the sale of your home.

If you have any questions about the current real estate market in the DFW area, contact me or visit my business page.


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