The Paperback Is Here


Long Time Coming

Well, I finally got my book, The Little Debt-Free Book, published as a paperback version. This version was submitted on January 31, 2015 for review. It took another day for the review process to be completed before I was able to order the proof copy.

Next Step

The proof copy arrived at my house this week and I was able to look over every aspect of the book in physical form. After reviewing the book, I had to go back to and authorize the release of the book on and The book is now available on both of those sites.

Unexpected Outcome

A really cool thing has happened during this process. Recently, I gave a speech to a group of women at a shelter who had escaped domestic violence. Afterwards, the lady who runs the program told me that they would be interested in using my book as part of their program. Now that’s cool!

I have always hoped that the book would be able to help someone who struggles with their finances. Now it is becoming a reality.

Another unexpected thing was that Amazon immediately discounted the price of my book. After some research, I found out that if the book is available in more than one location, then Amazon reserves the right to keep the lowest price. The book is also available on so Amazon has discounted the price by 10%. That’s a good deal for anyone wanting the book. It saves them money.

Ending Thoughts

I know that there are a few people who have purchased the Kindle version of the book who have wanted the paperback for their kids. This affirmation is wonderful. I hope to reach more people with public speaking and this book in the future.


The Little Debt-Free Book Proof



Today, I ordered the proof copy of the paperback version of The Little Debt-Free Book. I should receive it in a week or so. Once I receive it, I can finish reviewing it and approve the distribution of the paperback version. That should finalize my work on this book.

Next Step

My next step is to produce a workbook for the book. I am thinking that I can create a 6-8 week workbook for it that will go through the steps outlined in the book. I don’t have a timeline for that yet but will update as it comes together.


Thanks for those of you who have supported me through this process, especially my wife, Sharon. Thanks my love. Everyone has been so encouraging regarding this process and I am looking forward to working on my next project.

Although he is no longer with us, I must thank James Lipscomb for the encouragement that he offered. I think we encouraged each other through the process of my book and his CD of music.

My kids, who lived through the ordeal of the topic of the book – Thanks and I love you.