Struggling With Bills

When Do You Get Ahead?

Have you ever noticed that the harder you try to get ahead, more things seem to happen to keep you falling behind?

Today, I brought my car to the shop because a couple of indicator lights came on and the car did not seem to be driving right. After talking to the initial technician, he made it sound as though it was a valve or the transmission that had something wrong with it. I didn’t think much of it since the car still has a warrantee on it.

Nope! Try Again.

This afternoon I received a call stating that it was neither. Instead, a rat, squirrel, or mouse had gotten into the engine compartment and decided to make a home there.


I then get informed that rats and squirrels like to do that and they live near creeks which just so happens to be where my house is. Just for grins, I check under the hood of my other car and lo and behold, there is the beginnings of another nest there.


Off to Lowe’s I go to get some bait traps and some spray for the engine compartments. Can you believe that they sell a spray that repels critters like that? Well, the stuff smells terrible. I’m hoping that by tomorrow morning, the smell will be gone and hopefully no more critters. Any other suggestions would be appreciated at this point.

Go Figure

Like I said, every time you try to get ahead, it seems that something always comes up to screw up your plans to get debt-free. I was talking to my wife tonight about just that. When I was struggling so hard in the past, I felt that pain all the time it seemed. Eventually, it did get better. Not in the sense that things did not happen anymore, more like my financial circumstances had changed enough to where I had money to take care of things when they happened. Eventually, I became debt-free and it was no longer an issue to think about.

This is a part of the struggle. Things are going to happen no matter how bad you wish they would not. If you have a savings plan where you have money put back for when things do happen, then they will not be such a struggle.

What are you doing today to make sure that you do not have to use credit when something unexpected happens?


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