My Computer Imaging Final Project

Part of my class in Photoshop included coming up with a final project that used the software to produce some digital art. I chose the topic of Analytic Cubism. You might be familiar with Picasso or Braque as the originators of the concept. I had seen some cubism art pieces in the past but had never tried it with paint on canvass. It was a learning process for me to try and figure some of this out. Below, are my attempts along the way to use the concepts of cubism for my art pieces. Preacher1This piece is titled “The Preacher” and uses two images of a person looking in different directions, combining those images and overlapping them to produce. The idea behind Cubism is to try and look at an object or person from several angles to get a full picture of the image. Yeah – it took me a bit to think through that too. Self-Portrait1This piece is titled “Self-Portrait.” I got to this point in the process by looking at several of the works of Picasso again and seeing that he focused on shapes a bit more as well as hatching or gradient in this case. I used the gradient tool to emulate hatching and probably could have done more work on that but I am happy with the way this came out. Cubism Bride1This piece is titled “Bride.” Another aspect of Cubism is the idea or distortion. Rather than showing things in realistic proportions, shapes were exaggerated. Using some of the other aspects of Cubism, I added distortion to this image. Cubism Bottle1This piece is titled “Bottle.” Early Cubism focused on landscapes and objects such as bottles or fish. A key element in Cubism is to only use a portion of the object. Colors are usually subdued as well and I tried not to have too much variety in the colors. As you can see (maybe) there are parts of the bottle in various locations throughout the piece. The bottom is shown, the top, portions of the side. I like this piece a lot. Hope you do too.


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