7 thoughts on “Challenge Yourself

  1. I’ve seen several people start this savings plan this year and it certainly seems very interesting. I like your twist of going backwards from 52. It seems to me that starting with the hard savings and working your way down makes a lot of scene because your getting the large amounts out of the way while the idea is still new and exciting. I wish you the best with it!
    If you’d like some tips on investing the money, please feel free to check out my site: http://lessonsinpersonalfinance.com/. I’ve got a free spreadsheet there that will tell you how much you could earn in interest on your investments.
    Thanks for the challenge to save!

  2. Thanks Johnathan. I’ve been to your site and you have a lot of information there I will check out. I’m challenging myself in several areas this year. One area includes a book. I wish you success with your endeavors.

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